Conversation with Buda PD

This video happened several months ago in June. Although that wasnt ancient history, it is in terms of the progress we have made here in Texas. We have been going town to town educating not only the public but the local police departments on laws that they haven’t had to enforce and have forgotten. But what seemed strange earlier this year has become commonplace amongst us Texans. Police departments everywhere are stepping up and respecting our second amendment.


  1. I have to say I believe in the constitution and do not agree with the way the government trying to infringe on any of our rights either. The police officer in the video was trying hard to give the so called advocate respect but the advocate was being an a**hole. I am not a police officer now but was one years ago and have to say that the advocate if having nothing to hide should have identified himself. I understand you will have people saying that’s my right to refuse but remember if the police only want to make sure your not a criminal and put themselves at ease and be able to tell the public that they have checked the person and they are legally carrying their weapon . By being an a**hole like the maker of this video was being to the police it just makes all of us who believe in the second amendment look like A**es.
    I have nothing to hide and if asked for my I’d I have no problem giving it to them, not to violate my rights but to work with the police not against them like this meathead was doing. The officer in this video was not being a jerk but the so called advocate was. Mr. Advocate remember this the officer may not know your name but believe me he will never forget your face and when you do something I assure you don’t look for a break from this officer because the way you treated him I guarantee you it will come around and bite you in the A**. I know some officer’s push hard but unless you have something to hide don’t push back just to make a youtube video showing yourself looking like a dick, you may think your being a hero for the constitution but in reality you are hurting the people you in your mind you are helping. Try being an officer walking up on armed people, which is your right but would you not feel safer knowing that the person is not a felon carrying a loaded gun I know I would.

  2. Going Half-Way to Austin:

    Austin is about an hour and a half north of San Antonio. It’s not “far” away, but it’s not driving up the road to the nearest Wal-Mart either. And you never know what traffic on I-35 is going to be like until you are stuck in it, and you can’t get off the freeway, can’t go backwards and can’t go forwards. Once you’ve made the decision to go to Austin, you’ve committed at least part of your future into both God’s hands as well as the Texas Department of Transportation. And also those dumbasses that insist on texting and driving, and rear-ending people while they do it.

    Sometimes, when I’m sitting in 105 degree South Texas heat, giving the Eagle-eye to the temperature gauge while wondering if that’s hot radiator fluid that I’m smelling, I day-dream about turning around and going back to San Antonio. How bad do I REALLY need to go to Austin? Maybe I could have done this online? What was I thinking? Etc….

    But the time to decide if you are going ALL THE WAY to Austin is before you leave, and not when you are half-ways there. It makes absolutely no sense to go down the “traveling to Austin” checklist (Radiator fluid, Oil, Gas, cell phone, wallet (with cash) and a spare gallon and a half of water just in case the vehicle overheats. I blew a head gasket on a one-lane overpass in Dallas that was over 3 miles long, and I couldn’t get off of it, or stop, and that will never happen again.) and NOT go ALL THE WAY to Austin.

    Makes no sense at all, in fact turning around and going back is stupid and the person that does it is stupid. And I really HATE being stupid. So, when I decide to go to Austin, I GO to Austin, and never go half-way, lose heart or interest, turn-around and go back home.

    And there are many things in life that are just like that. You are given an opportunity to quit at the best time possible, which is before you even start. And you can choose to do that, or you can choose to go ALL THE WAY. I can’t emphasize how ridiculously stupid to entertain the existence of any 3rd alternative. Like Yoda says, “Either DO, or DO NOT. There is no TRY.” “Trying” is frequently a euphemism for “putting the best-possible face on failure”.

    How this applies to Political Activism:

    Either DO, or DO NOT. Either effect substantive change to a society and culture gone wrong, horribly wrong or DO NOT and accept your status as serf or slave. Do not go half-way to Austin, discover it’s hot and uncomfortable and then quit and go home, with the false belief that you “tried”. You set-out to fail, and then put the best-possible face on that failure in order to look good to the people around you. But I know better, and so do you. There is no “TRY”, there is only “DO” or “DO NOT”.

    The Activist in the video, and all other activists both past and future, need direction. You could call it coaching. Allowing each individual to attempt to navigate this treacherous and complex series of interactions with professional law enforcement is allowing each of these Activists to fail before they’ve even started. The Activist cannot be blamed for this, however the Activist’s Leader(s) can, and that’s what I’m doing here. Placing responsibility for increasing the level of sophistication of anti-statist and anti-socialist utopians on those that presume to adopt a leadership role.

    “We did but build his pedestal, A narrow and tall one.”

    Leadership, and Leaders, are absolutely critical. But even the center of a movement intended to topple the self-created Gods in our government must also have their leaders, and on pedestals. We have expectations for them, otherwise they are attractive images and dead pieces of rock and stone. One expectation is to provide the Activists, i.e. the grass-roots warriors with the weapons and tools necessary to accomplish the objective. In this case, the “tools” are training sessions that give Activists the ability to peacefully navigate potentially disastrous encounters with the paid and trained government professionals that have ALL of the advantages. Makes absolutely no sense to focus solely on the 2nd Amendment when you have failed completely to even develop a working knowledge of the 1st, and any Leader that fails to appreciate this needs to be toppled off their pedestal immediately.

  3. The more I think about the idea of rehearsing encounters with the Police, the better I like the idea. Activists could educate the Public into adopting this script and the Police would then learn to adapt themselves to it, instead of what is taking place now which is that the Police have a (more or less) unified “script” and they track how standardized the citizen’s responses are or are not.

    Has anyone else ever noticed that while performing a pat-down search, the Officer almost always includes something ridiculous like “hand grenades” and/or “nuclear weapons” in the list of possible dangerous things a person might have on their person? i.e. “…anything that might poke or stick me, such as needles, knives, guns, hand grenades or nuclear weapons…?” My point is that they have a script that serves their purposes, and citizens ought to have theirs as well.

    Some rules to consider when developing the script.

    As mentioned earlier, it is counter-productive to continuously harp on the Constitution, and it is also a waste of time to try to engage the Officer in a conversation, discussion, debate or argument about whether or not they are “following the Constitution” or other high-minded theoretical concepts. And Activist cannot possible expect to “educate” a paid Law Enforcement Officer” on the Constitution, respect for gun-owner’s rights, etc… when they are completely ignorant of the basic “nuts & bolts” of State Law and whether or not they are required to identify themselves on demand.

    The actions & behaviors of the Activist say this:

    “I presume to tell a paid Law Enforcement Officer about my opinions on high-level interpretations of “the Law” that are a matter of great debate even at the Supreme Court level, but I can’t quote the specific statute that allows me to legally refuse to identify myself to that Officer.

    Another way of saying this is:

    “I’m a dumbass kid trying to make a point here on YouTube, and I’m part of an organization of uninformed dumbasses that fail to adequately prepare their Activists before sending them out into the field in order to make Public Relations videos intended to inform the General Public who we are and what we are about.”

    And while I have great respect and admiration for any Activist that chooses to be the 1 out of 100,00 to 1,000,000 people that actually DO something that challenges the Socialist Utopians, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything any Activist ever does is always perfect. In fact, sometimes it’s counter-productive, and I don’t EVER go half-way to Austin.

  4. I think the Activist needs to stop harping about his constitutional rights like it was some kind of holy grail people are supposed to fall on their faces and worship. Make your point, once, and shut-up about it. Going on & on about it makes you look like a whacko, gives audience sympathy to the Officer and will help to justify an arrest, if that happens. In part the Officer represents the Public’s fears. A stable, reasonable and focused person with a gun is not necessarily a threat, however a zealot that keeps repeating the same “magic phrase” over & over again merits additional scrutiny

    Maybe the Activist didn’t have a copy of the law excerpted in the video, where it specifically describes what the “failure to identify” charge is exactly, and what it is not. “Alarming the Public” is not a legal term (I don’t think), however it might be considered “disturbing the peace”, but even then the Officer is going to have to show substantive cause for this, i.e. risk of traffic accidents, or whatever. Otherwise the spike in phone calls is an indicator of the paranoia of the indoctrinated populace, which Officer Fernandez takes full advantage of, and not any threat the Activist may pose to the public. I think a well-armed Police Officer that calls citizens “retarded”, does not know the letter or the spirit of the law, or worse, chooses to ignore the law he is trusted and paid to enforce, in order to achieve a desired result for some noble purpose is something more dangerous and causes this member of the public greater concern. What other laws is Fernandez ignorant of, and what other laws is he willing to ignore or distort in order to achieve his ends? I don’t pay this jackass to use my governmental power to achieve his own personal achievements. An SAPD Officer recently used his uniform, badge, gun, squad car and all the authority I’ve given him to sexually assault a woman that he had arrested. Personally, I think he, and any other Officer that abuses the power that I’ve entrusted them with, should get the death penalty. Fernandez seems to be cut from the same cloth. Real big on generalities and how the whole “legal thing” is intended to produce a specific result (Public Safety), and how Officer Fernandez gets us from A to B is irrelevant, because after all he’s a trained professional, his ends are noble and he’s a good person and we should trust him.

    But we shouldn’t. He doesn’t give a fuck who has given him the power, nor under what circumstances, nor does he fear having it rudely and abruptly taken away from him. He thinks HE’S special, as if it’s hard-wired into his DNA, and does not know the only reason why he is special is because I’ve made him that way. Someone needs to take that power away, if for no other reason than to make a statement to all the other Officers that have been similarly entrusted. The Public giveth you your power, and we sure as fuck can take it away. And also, fuck that Police Union. They only survive because we allow it, and we can stomp on them like the cockroaches that they are.

    And maybe someday that will be your daughter or wife, in the back of Officer Fernandez’s car. It would be a good idea to make sure that we can trust him top transport her to the County Jail, and not try to rape her outside the squad car on a darkened street, while she’s drunk, and in handcuffs.

    Activists should practice role-playing, were they take turns “making contact”, “detaining” and “arresting” activists, etc… so that the language and the behaviors of the Activists can be refined to the point that the only think noticeable in the video is the complete lack of intelligence and/or integrity on the part of Law Enforcement.

    I’d also like to note Fernandez’s epithet “retarded” towards the Activist, and had the situation been reversed the conversation would be centered on whether or not the Officer would then be justified in taking the Activist into custody for calling the Officer a “retard”. This dynamic is the next natural progression in Law Enforcement’s response to Activists asserting their rights. They will lose their professional demeanor and resort to name-calling and verbally provoking the Activists into responding in kind, and then arresting them for it. So this also needs to be rehearsed, and Activists learn to expect the abuse & aggravation and stay focused on what is important, which is to look good for the camera while Law Enforcement is looking bad.

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