Little Elm Sergeant Told Me Open Carry Is Disorderly Conduct

I called the Little Elm Police to my house to chat about the open carry walk i was about to do in my neighborhood. The Little Elm Sergeant told me if i open carried my rifle that he would arrest me for disorderly conduct. Not understanding the law he said if one person called in alarmed that i would be arrested. After asking him “In what method can i open carry that you wont arrest me for?” He said he didn’t have an answer. He was basically saying i did not have the right to open carry. I went on my walk and even bought an ice cream from the ice cream man. It was pleasant and i didn’t see one patrol car the entire walk.


  1. it’s a bs law ‘alarm” a guy with a pit bull and gang tatts will alarm some peeps

  2. Michael McC arren

    I am an Ohio resident and applaud you & your group. I have been led to believe that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” . I think a better course of action for Little Elm police to take would be to thank you for helping educate the”ignorant” public.not threaten you for exercising your 2nd amend.rights!

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