*ARRESTED*  Terry Holcomb Sr (Updated)
14 Oct 2014

*ARRESTED* Terry Holcomb Sr (Updated)

14 Oct 2014

UPDATE: He has been released as of 10/15/14terry free

CALL TO ACTION!!!!terry jail

Terry Holcomb Sr. The Open Carry Preacher has been arrested for trying to hold elected officials accountable!

Call this number and ask what he is being charged with and when he will be released!

David Clark
75 W. Cedar Avenue
Coldspring, TX 77331
Phone: 936-653-4367 #2 to reach jail.
Fax: 936-653-5058
Terry Holcomb Sr:
"Fixing to challenge the county judge on his unconstitutional silencing of the people's first amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances.
Tyranny at its finest. It is time to stand up!
Watch  http://youtu.be/_Nunu6ISeBM "

Terry Holcomb is accused of disrupting the meeting because he was not allowed to make public comments as the regular portion of the meeting was adjourned for an executive session.
“We’re not gonna allow public comments today?” Holcomb said to the four county commissioners and County Judge Fritz Faulkner.
“It’s not on the agenda,” Faulkner replied.
“That’s unacceptable,” Holcomb said.
Faulkner then told Holcomb he could “go outside and discuss it,” but the meeting was moving forward with an executive session.
Saying again that the situation was “unacceptable,” Holcomb accused the court of taking the rights of the people.
When Holcomb made no effort to leave the courtroom, Faulkner said to him, “You’re dangerously close to disrupting a public meeting.”
Holcomb told the judge that he was denying the people their right to have their voice heard.
Faulkner responded by saying, “You can go out there and talk to the people. We’re fixing to have executive session.”
Still seated in his chair, Holcomb said, “You didn’t want to hear from the citizens and you’re gonna hear from them. You are gonna hear from me. You are not going to silence us by your abuse.”
At that point, Faulkner called for Pct. 2 Constable Roy Pippin Jr. to remove Holcomb from the meeting chamber.
“You have been requested to remove from the court,” Pippin told Holcomb.
“I am not leaving. I am not leaving,” he replied.
Directing his comments to commissioners, Holcomb then said, “And y’all commissioners that are allowing this, you are all cowards. All of you.”
Pippin implored Holcomb to leave the room but Holcomb remained in his chair and demanded to know what law he had broken.
“No law is broken. You were given an order to remove from court,” said Pippin, adding moments later, “By not following my order, you are resisting arrest. Do you want to go to jail for resisting arrest?”
Faulkner told Holcomb that commissioners court meetings are not a political stomping ground.
“That’s all you want to do,” he said.
Outside of the courtroom, Holcomb was confronted by Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Sowell who asked to have a “private word” with him.
Holcomb asked if he was being detained and Sowell replied, “You’re about to be,” prompting Holcomb to ask if he had committed a crime.
“I didn’t say you committed a crime,” said Sowell.
Sowell placed Holcomb in handcuffs and escorted him away from the premises.
-Jacob McAdams

Matthew Short:

"I just talked to Corpl Morgan at the jail where Terry Holcomb Sr. is being held. Morgan has been instructed by his superiors not to tell callers, or the press why Terry is being held. I was told that He would be arraigned "some time tomorrow". i was told " direct phone calls, and questions to the district attorney". I have a very large problem with some one being held, and a member of the press not being allowed to know why they are there. i very plainly asked the deputy if he was instructed to answer the way he did or if he di not understand the question. he stated" I was instructed not to say why he is here sir.'' When asked if he would be arraigned tomorrow Mr Morgan informed me he would be in the presence of one of 4 JP some time tomorrow.... Mr Morgan also informed me that the office would be open around 8 am for further information. I believe that we should continue to call until we get some real answers where my buddy Terry is...."

James Franklin:
"Thank God for real men like Terry Holcomb Sr."

Jason Orsek:
"Talked to Terry 's wife Gina .
Terry is fine. As of now no charges filed. Arrested for disturbing a meeting.
Got to see judge in morning to see if any official charges will be filed. Was already informed he can PR bond. (For whatever charges)
Terry says be sure and hound them on the phone But be respectful and he will have a full briefing for everybody tomorrow."

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