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Dramatization Depicting the Dangers of Victim Disarmament Zones to be Performed In Austin, Texas

Freedom of Speech and Expression will be tested this Saturday when we use the concrete sidewalk as our stage, with the public and the media as our audience in an important dramatization. Will it be police in the public schools armed with semi-automatic rifles?  Will it be a mangled car on display for students to see the dangers of drinking and driving? Will it be the survivors of tragic personal injury at the hands of another?  No. This will be a serious, theatrical skit consisting of ketchup and cardboard props to capture the reality of the plot.

CATI Austin flagWe won't have high price directors nor a casting agent, just a volunteer group concerned activists bringing to light an important message. A skit of significance detailing a very specific cause, (Personal Protection), a Human Right that seems to have been slowly removed from the people and placed upon a shelf to be voted off or given back according to whomever is deserving of this essential benefit.  Wanting to capture the crucial dangers of gun-free zones we are acting out a play or series of plays in which one or two are armed against a group of unarmed victims, ending in a number of casualties that are a result of a law regulating self-defense or any similar rule that is abided by only the innocent.

Our goal is to instill the importance of everyone to be able to defend themselves in any way they choose. This way we can broadcast it to everyone, including our readers and the listeners of our show. We have had our share of negativity throughout the years and have still came out unscathed by any proposed deterrence of our ideas.  Mahatma Gandhi once said

"You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results".

Our upcoming performance is gaining ridicule and slander from people all across the land, the anti-gun crowd, and even people within our family tree of Freedom Fighters but we will proceed. Most of the finger-pointing bunch just left the theater watching a movie where the characters take up arms against their government like the Hunger Games and are eagerly awaiting the new Star Wars to hit the screen with a similar scenario.  The Chief of Police in Austin, Art Acevedo is against open carry of weapons in public and on campuses and even stated that he'd rather have young women go through rape counseling instead of having the right to carry a firearm for protection.

The State of Texas has installed their own gun control measures upon their citizens by limiting the use of handguns for defense to people who pay a concurring fee and get permission to exercise that right from the State. Texas has even used their version of the 2nd Amendment article 1 section 23 to go as far as creating more Gun-Free Zones by enacting 229.001 a law that gives cities the authority to regulate firearms in designated areas of their choice.

When the ranchers on the Red River were threatened by the Bureau of Land Management we were there, when fellow 2nd Amendment activists were incarcerated, we were there.  When San Antonio police Chief William McManus said No to open carry of rifles at the Alamo we were there.  When the city of Dallas said No, to feeding and clothing the homeless we stood our ground and are moving forward with our third annual event catered to the unfortunate in downtown. When innocent victims are being slaughtered in Victim Disarmament Zones we are here again on the front-lines of freedom and liberty to do what we do best.

"It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things" - Leonardo Da Vinci.   

Our current event will be conducted the same way and will not require tickets, ambulances, or police and will certainly not have a list of victims.  Words can only go so far in explaining ourselves, this way we'll get our message out ten-fold, and hopefully the shackles that prevent us from fully protecting our lives are lifted.

By Andre' Gabriel Esparza -

Date: Dec 12th
Time: 12:00pm
Meetup: 2426 San Antonio St
Austin, TX

Facebook Event Page

The First Midnight Open Carry March Around Texas Capitol

The First Open Carry Of Modern PistolsAustin, Texas  - With September 1st being the start of a number of bills to be enacted in the long list of Texas laws. Come and Take It Texas along with its sister group are taking it into their own hands, these 'Free' men and women will not wait for the new open carry law to go into effect on January 1st 2016, they will show the stupidity of the embarrassing gun laws in the state of Texas on midnight August 31st.

This new law that some say is a win, was not much of a change at all, simply allowing Texans to raise up their shirt a few inches to expose their personal defense tool, while still being extorted of part their personal income to pay the fee, giving their fingerprints, and waiting on permission from the Lone Star State.

You see here in Texas, were everything is supposed to be much bigger and that we are recognized by outsiders as an independent state, is really the opposite, we have shackles on just like most of the others. Here we can carry a fully loaded semi automatic rifles, shotguns, and or pre-1899 or replica black powder pistols in public without a license, but are not allowed to carry a modern handgun or even a little .22 pea shooter open or concealed in public at all. To outline the inconsistency of these draconian, and freedom suppressing laws, a rally of this nature is essential to further educate Texans and the world about all oppressions in good ol' Texas.

Back in January on the first day that the lawmakers convened in Austin Murdoch Pizgatti operated a 'Ghost Gun' Machine at the south gate of the Capitol and manufactured  a few AR-15 Lowers, while a Fort Hood Shooting survivor gave a heartfelt speech about how he was unarmed crouching down in the back of a room and the agony of feeling like a sitting duck while their was somebody shooting at them.

Murdoch Pizgatti and Jason Orsek were asked to leave the Capitol while other Concealed License Holders were whisked right in all for concealing their guns with their 'Glock Socks' which was totally within the law and with the licenses which they obtained, but believe me, they were like a couple of guys forced to eat something they absolutely hated when going through the torturous requirements. Come and Take it Texas and other gun rights groups for the past two years have walked, marched, gathered, passed out literature, and even talked with legislators about gun laws in Texas, but to no avail, lobbyists and fat pockets have prevailed in coercing these law makers to go against freedom. So come join us in our fight for Freedom and Human Rights and walk with us on Midnight August 31st, 2015, at 11:00pm at the south gate of the Capitol, bring a fake gun, long guns, black powder pistols, or you may chose to carry your real one and blend in with others and engage in civil disobedience and let's show them how stupid it really is to carry one and not the other. - View Event Page

By Andre' Gabriel Esparza -

Open Carry Passed in Texas: Mission Accomplished?

Austin Ehlinger helps hold a banner during a Guns Across America rally at the state capitol, Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, in Austin, Texas.  Texas officials opposed to new federal gun control proposals plan to speak on the steps of the state Capitol during a pro-Second Amendment rally. The event is one of many rallies planned across the country Saturday. They come four days after President Barack Obama unveiled a sweeping plan to curb gun violence.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Austin Ehlinger helps hold a banner during a Guns Across America rally at the state capitol, Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)


After two years of hard-fought political battles, the tide in the Texas gun rights fight has finally turned in favor of open carry Friday, May 22nd, as the Senate fast-tracked and ultimately approved HB910 eliminating the outright prohibition on the open carry of modern handguns and sending Open Carry back to the House to reconcile the two bills before sending the legislation to the governor's desk.  Governor Abbott has openly declared his intent to sign the legislation, making the era of prohibition only a few short months away from expiration.

The Luby's massacre on October 16, 1991 drew a public outcry that culminated in the 1995 passage of the Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing law.

The Luby's massacre on October 16, 1991 drew a public outcry that culminated in the 1995 passage of the Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing law.

Originally intended to keep newly "freed" slaves unarmed following the States' War, the prohibition on carrying pistols outside the home dates back 125 years and is deeply rooted in institutional racism.  The prohibition was selectively applied in postwar Texas as a legal weapon against Blacks, Hispanics and American Indians.  It wasn't until 1995, after a public outcry spurred largely by the 1991 massacre at Luby's in Killeen, that Texas finally realized the absurdity of depriving law-abiding citizens the right to self-defense.  Licensed concealed carry became the law of the land after four years of heavy political debate, with Concealed Handgun Licenses finally being dispensed by the government on a "shall-issue" basis just in time for the turn of the century.

Today, provided one can afford the hefty licensing fees, meet State's laundry list of eligibility requirements, and comply with the several arbitrarily constructed, common sense-defying conditions on where and how to carry, one should have no problem being granted permission from the government to exercise this God-given Right.  After the new open carry law goes into effect, one will be allowed to carry a handgun visibly, but still must meet all the same liens on liberty.

The question now is, what do we do with this information?  Is it a victory?  A half-victory?  A defeat?

There are four distinct classes of attitudes toward this development, all of which are palpable this Memorial Day weekend.  The first of these attitudes is the obvious, unified front upheld by virtually all Democrats, upon which New York mayor and anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg has spent millions of Yankee dollars.  This is the ultra-statist position that any expansion of gun rights whatsoever is tantamount to a terrorist attack on children, women, the government, and society in general.  Bloomberg and his personal anti-gun political machines, Moms Demand Action for Gunsense In America and Everytown for Gun Safety are undoubtedly heartbroken by open carry's passage, and their copious tears reportedly make excellent gun lube.

Exercising open carry faithfully for two years from 2013-2015 along with diligent political campaigning, resulted in the passage of  "licensed" Open Carry.

Exercising lawful open carry faithfully for two years by dedicated activists, along with two years of diligent political campaigning, resulted in the passage of Open Carry in Texas' 84th Legislature.

The second view is that open carry is a decisive, overwhelming victory for Texas gun rights and the Second Amendment.  (Sure, we're still saddled with arbitrary amounts of government regulation, and we don't like asking permission to carry, but right now it's time to do a heavily-armed end zone dance in the produce section of Kroger)!  This view is held by the majority of NRA types and Republicans who count the open carry law as a sign of the times, and a well deserved payoff after two years of false arrests, armed marches and political campaigning.

Despite the obvious shortcomings of the legislation, there is merit to this feeling of accomplishment.  In light of the heavy resistance from complacent, status quo-loving Concealed Carry advocates, compounded by the virtually limitless resources pumped into the propaganda machine by open carry's anti-gun opponents, the Open Carry activists fought an impossible two-front war.  And they won.

The third view is that of the hardcore Libertarian, the Constitutional purist.  This one despises all forms of government control and counts anything less than full Constitutional Carry as a furtherance of the system of fiat slavery in which rights are ignored and substituted for probationary, government-issued privileges.  These are the types who, rightly or not, are certain to put a damper on the celebration, because the moderates secretly know they have a point.

The fourth and final attitude, which happens to be the correct one, is my view.  Although it may be tempting to cynically offer "how generous of them" in response to the failure of Texas to remove the licensing requirement, we must view this situation with an eye for our present place in history in order to see it in the appropriate perspective.  The fight for liberty is long and difficult, and rightly so if anything valuable is to be gained from it.  We must count our victories, but temper them with the realization that the fight is never over.

Full, unregulated, unmolested Constitutional Carry is still the goal, as it always has been.  But consider that it took over a century and a major massacre to even get rid of outright prohibition.  Then it took a series of illegal arrests by well-meaning but ignorant cops for the general public to even become aware that it was still legal to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun openly.  It then took careful analysis of the laws, experimentation by a few brave activists and further unlawful arrests for anyone to realize that the prohibition did not include pre-1899 pistols or black powder revolvers.

Open Carry is neither a victory or a defeat, it is the accomplishment of one objective in a centuries-old fight for Liberty.  Image:

Open Carry is neither a victory or a defeat, it is the accomplishment of one objective in a centuries-old fight for Liberty. Image:

The worst thing anyone can do now is to allow the public to go back to sleep.  Open Carry is the culmination of two years of relentless fighting.  Right Now, tide is turning, and the momentum is on the side of the gun rights activists.  After a century of lagging behind, Texas is now in a position to set the example for the lesser States with regard to gun rights as it has in economic policy.

Open carry is neither a victory nor a defeat.  It is the accomplishment of one mission, one objective, in a lifelong and centuries-old fight for Liberty.  It is not a Superbowl win, but it's a first-down.  Take it for what it is, and carry on.

By Anthony James Kidwell -

False Idea Of Utility

In order to enslave a people, you must first remove their ability to defend themselves. The easiest way to do this is to make them believe that doing so is for their own good. This can be described as a false idea of utility, and it is not a new concept.

"A principal source of errors and injustice are false ideas of utility. For example: that legislator has false ideas of utility who considers particular more than general conveniencies, who had rather command the sentiments of mankind than excite them, who dares say to reason, 'Be thou a slave;' who would sacrifice a thousand real advantages to the fear of an imaginary or trifling inconvenience; who would deprive men of the use of fire for fear of their being burnt, and of water for fear of their being drowned; and who knows of no means of preventing evil but by destroying it.

The laws of this nature are those which forbid to wear arms, disarming those only who are not disposed to commit the crime which the laws mean to prevent. Can it be supposed, that those who have the courage to violate the most sacred laws of humanity, and the most important of the code, will respect the less considerable and arbitrary injunctions, the violation of which is so easy, and of so little comparative importance? Does not the execution of this law deprive the subject of that personal liberty, so dear to mankind and to the wise legislator? and does it not subject the innocent to all the disagreeable circumstances that should only fall on the guilty? It certainly makes the situation of the assaulted worse, and of the assailants better, and rather encourages than prevents murder, as it requires less courage to attack unarmed than armed persons." (Cesare Beccaria, An Essay on Crimes & Punishments, translated from the Italian with a commentary, attributed to M. de Voltaire, translated from the French (New York: Stephen Gould, 1809), 124-125.)

The above quote is often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, however the proper attribution is given above. Thomas Jefferson did, however, quote the above statement in a personal compilation of references in his “Legal Commonplace Book.”

Jefferson's notation on this passage was, “False idee di utilità.” False idea of utility.

The Texas Senate hearings have already begun on one of the several open carry bills that seek to reduce the regulation of our unalienable right to keep and bear arms in this state. It is unusual to have hearings held on issue bills this early in the legislative session, as usually such bills are done only after the necessary budget and other day to day bills have been dealt with. In the Senate hearing testimonies that I did watch, the ignorance, logical fallacies, and false statistics were prominent in many of the poorly done arguments for regulation.

The mere idea that people have to ask nicely for the government to recognize their rights makes me sick. Our rights are unalienable. Unalienable means that such is unable to be taken away or given up. They exist, regardless of any legislation or court rulings. Despite the fact these legislators have taken it upon themselves to determine whether or not to “allow” the open carry of arms whether with, or without, a government permission slip, they have absolutely no authority to regulate the keeping (ownership) or bearing (carrying) of arms.

Many refer to the Second Amendment, and it is often cited in gun control debates by both sides. However, even the federal government has admitted that the Second Amendment does no grant anyone any right to own, use, buy, sell, or carry arms. The Supreme Court has held that, in reference to the right to bear arms:

“This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.” (US v. Cruikshank, 92 US 542)

The ownership, use, and carrying of arms is one of our most fundamental civil rights. The definition given to the term "civil rights" in Bouvier's Law Dictionary is very concise, and is supported by the best authority. It is this: "Civil rights are those which have no relation to the establishment, support, or management of government."
What we have in Texas is a large group of persons that wish to exercise their civil rights. Despite the fact that no entity has the ability to take away unalienable rights, this is yet another case where the State has attempted to do just that. Despite the historical and legal precedent, the State continues to write laws governing every aspect of our lives, from who we can marry, to what we can eat or drink, or what plants we are allowed to grow, and whether or not we may own arms of certain types, or carry them if we do own such.
Our right to defense, and the right to own and use tools designed for said purpose, is considered by many to be more highly prized than any other, as this relates directly to our personal safety and our duty to protect our families and others from violence.

We are tired of these infringements on our rights, and we are now asking nicely that they take into account the well-established fact that these rights exist regardless of their laws and regulations, and begin to respect said fact. We have allowed these infringements to continue for far too long. As of yet the State operates a monopoly on violent force, and claims the right to kidnap, cage, or even kill, those who dare violate the dictates of the ruling class.

We as citizens are peaceful, yet we have had enough of this meddling in our lives, and particularly this attempt to legislate away that which is unalienable and quite dear to us.
As of yet we are asking peacefully, but legislators, please take note that further hindrance on our liberty may well result in Unintended Consequences. I beg of you to respect the fact that some things are not only out of your purview, but also quite dear to us. The next step will be to exercise our rights, and defend ourselves against those who would dare to try to stop us. We have lives and families, so we wish for peaceful resolution in this matter, and ask that you facilitate such. I ask that those who (falsely) claim the power to control our lives please remember what John F. Kennedy said in regards to such matters, to wit: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

Patriots Prepared To be Arrested Tomorrow

Mike Vanderboegh, Founder of the national III% movement has spoken at several events organized by Come And Take It Texas. He was at our very first open carry event "Come And Take It Temple". Please support him in his efforts, along with Oathkeepers tomorrow in Washington state to stand up to the unjust rule the Speaker made. They will be entering the Gallery of the legislature armed. For the first time in Washintons history the Legislature thinks it can bar its citizens from carrying guns inside. Tomorrow they will find out differently, and this isn't just a measly little foot in the door. If you are in the area please join this event. The day may be coming when this is necessary in Texas. Carry on our patriot brothers and sisters!


Washington State Patriots Preparing To Be Arrested, Will Not Back Down!

I got a letter from Mike Vanderboegh, Founder of the national III% movement, alerting me to this event which is upcoming on February 07, 2015, in Olympia, Washington.  Unfortunately, Stewart Rhodes, President of Oath Keepers, is already booked in Pennsylvania for the week of February 07 through February 15, so he cannot attend this rally in Washington State. I am hoping that many in our Oregon, Idaho, and Washington chapters will be able to attend this event on short notice, because it’s got great potential to focus public attention on serious gun rights issues.

Mike Vanderboegh introduced me to one Kit Lange of the Patrick Henry Society, who is an activist of the gun rights movement in Washington State, and Kit sent me an outline of their current project with a number of links to follow. The Washington patriots’ fight for gun rights needs to be publicized nationally, as they’re deeply mired in anti-gun treachery, just as our friends are in New York State and Connecticut (and elsewhere). I truly hope that many of you in the NorthWest part of America will be able to make it to this important rally to support these patriots.

I apologize for the short notice on this, but urge all members who can to attend. Bring your guns. Here is some info which Kit sent. Catch the spirit of freedom as you learn about what will happen in Olympia, Washington, on Saturday, February 07, 2015.

Start HERE to learn about why citizens of Washington are going to knowingly get themselves arrested at the State Capitol.



Texans Already Preparing To Celebrate New Open/Constitutional Carry Law

Written by Jon Britton aka DoubleTap

Come And Take It Texas, the group who started the open carry movement in Texas, has planned an event to celebrate a new open or constitutional carry law, even though the new session of the Texas Legislature has only just begun and Governor Greg Abbott was just sworn in. The event plans are already set for September 1st. Optimistic? Yes they are, but their planning also includes a "Plan B" just in case an open/constitutional carry bill is not signed into law. The next five months of the Texas Legislative session promise to be interesting to say the least and regardless of the outcome at 12:01 AM on September 1st, 2015 SOMETHING will be happening at the State Capital.


Traditionally, when Texas bills are signed into law, unless otherwise stated, they take effect September 1st. Come And Take It Texas was the first group to do an open carry walk with long guns to bring attention to the disparity in law between long guns and modern handguns in Texas. It only makes sense that they would schedule the first legal modern handgun open carry event, even before the legislation begins its rounds through the legislature. You may be wondering what this "Plan B" is that I referred to above. Well, in the event that an open carry or constitutional carry bill does NOT get signed into law another group will take over the event. A group called Don't Comply, whose mission is to challenge such unconstitutional and unjust laws in court. The group will take over the event which will then transition from the proposed celebration to a civil disobedience event. It will still be a modern handgun open carry event, but the "Plan B" event hosted by Don't Comply will have legal consequences. Under current law, assuming it does not change during this legislative session, openly carrying a modern handgun is a Class A Misdemeanor. Such a charge would not put someone in the prohibited possessor category, but if you have a Texas Concealed Handgun License it could result in that license being revoked for 5 years.

Open Carry HandgunsThe open carry movement in Texas has been criticized by gun owners and gun rights advocates around the country, primarily because they do not understand the dynamics of Texas Gun Law. Most of the country has some form of open or constitutional carry of modern handguns already, so the open carry of long guns is seen as excessive by many. What they fail to realize is the message of the long gun open carry. So, before you "shoot the messengers" understand that the message is quite simple. Open carry of long guns in Texas has always been constitutional, no permits, no regulation. Handguns produced after 1899 are a different story, you can open carry a pre-1899 black powder pistol or replica only because the way Texas law is written, such a pistol does not qualify as a firearm. Are you starting to see the absurdity yet? So, the open carry of rifles, shot guns and other modern rifle variations, you know the scary black ones that get people's panties in a bunch, is perfectly legal...

Read Full Story: Cold Dead Hands

Event Page: Click Here

Alabama Middle School Students Trained To Throw Canned Foods at Armed Intruders

Licence to CanParents of W.F.Burns Middle School in Valley, Alabama received some interesting letters in the mail from The Principal Priscilla Holley. The head scratching notices described a new program being implemented that includes bringing can foods to School to stash for defense against Armed Intruders. The program with Collaboration with Law Enforcement Officers is getting mixed reviews, On Facebook alone a rash of comments from concerned parties stating the danger and stupidity of this method. With comments like " You never bring a can of food to a Gunfight" another read "Have you ever been hit by a can of peas? it this as the last resort might help if they get hit enough times." some applauded the School for at least doing something to fight back, A number responses stated that The best way, to defend student, would be an armed staff. Administrators believe this can food assault would catch the Armed Infiltrator off guard, or even knocking him or her out until Police arrive. In the letter sent home it says, "The canned food item would give the kids a sense of empowerment to protect themselves and will make them feel secure in case an intruder enters the classroom." Superintendent of Chambers County Schools Dr. Kelli Hodge agrees that Evacuating the children, not throwing cans of green beans, is the main point of the Policy. Hodge went on and said "I can honestly say that the Major point of the training is to be able to get the kids evacuated and not to be sitting ducks." Dr.Hodge continued and mentioned that Schools in 30 other States and Auburn University are using this same program. The program in question is the A.L.I.C.E. an Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness program. The acronym stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. The State Department of Education said "understandably this is a sensitive topic. There is no single answer of what to do, Bur a Survival Mindset can increase the odds of Surviving." "There are 3 basic options: Run, Hide, or Fight. You can run away from the shooter, seek a secure place where you can hide and/or deny the shooter to access, or incapacitate the shooter to survive and protect others from harm."

By Andre' Esparza -

Off Campus Firearm Training And 2nd Amendment Day, Among Bills Presented To The South Carolina Legislature

SC State Rep Alan ClemmonsHouse Bill 3023 Filed by State Representative Alan Clemmons, Co-Sponsored by fellow Republican Reps. Garry Smith and Richard Yow, would enact a 2nd Amendment Awareness Day projected to be December 15th. This would be followed by three weeks of "Gun Rights" Education which will have an Essay or Poster Board contest included. The South Carolina department of Education with input from the NRA will create the Curriculum. Clemmons was inspired to put forth this Bill after a Disorderly Conduct charge was filed on a Summerville High School student last August for threatening to kill a Dinosaur with a Gun. "Zero tolerance policies have Squelched any discussion of the 2nd Amendment in our Schools." Stated Clemmons. The bill has had two objections so far due to concerns about the proposed date being so close to the anniversary to the Sandy Hook occurrence and Christmas.

State Senator Lee Bright-R is a member of the William Wallace Caucus, a group of Nine South Carolina Senators that Vote Strongly Pro-Constitution. The Bill he Filed would give students a choice of an off campus elective course on Gun Safety and Marksmanship, with Firearm History thrown in. Bright stated "its something that as they get older and if they know how to handle the weapon then they can enjoy sportsmanship and also be able to defend themselves." He went on to say " Folks aren't as familiar with Guns as they used to and the founding of the Nation" Jeremy Hill from Allen Arms, a Gun Store with a Gun range supports the Bill. He chimed in by saying " in High School they're Teaching Kids Sex-Ed and Drivers Ed, so why not teach them about Firearms? I think it's the right thing to do to begin with because it's our 2nd Amendment." I hope these Bills Succeed, to me it's a revival of sorts to eliminate the fear of an Important Tool that our Country and other Civilizations have used to Survive.

By Andre' Esparza

Sinister Anti-Gun Promotion At Capital Building Exposed

There are many folks that don't like seeing guns. Even though they may claim to be "strong 2A supporters" at the very moment they see a citizen with a firearm, the story changes. How many times have we heard, "Yes, I have guns, lots of guns! I shoot, I hunt, I can protect my family, BUT sometimes it's not the right time or place to have a firearm." Yet they claim to be STRONG 2A supporters.

Let's take a closer look at the statehouse in Austin. I personally have been chin deep in the gun rights movement in Texas since 2013 when CATI started pushing for full State recognition of our unalienable right to keep and bear arms. I have been to meetings with legislators and other government officials, and have been there with boots on the ground, in front of the scene and behind it, and everything I write here is coming from firsthand experience.

To understand where we are right now and what led up to these recent events, let us take a step back in time and cover some history.

The State Preservation Board is the state’s department in charge of the Texas State Capital Building, and the attorneys for the SPB have responded to me directly regarding my request for information on carrying a firearm on the grounds and inside the building. There is no "rule" against the firearms as per the state agency that operates the capital. Yet, apparently, there are folks under the dome that don't like it and have put pressure on "someone" to suppress our political speech of openly carrying firearms.

Jason Orsek of CATI Texas

Jason Orsek - CATI Texas Vice President

I was one of the four original Texans that walked into the statehouse with my Scar 17 across my back on July 4th, 2013. Although I held a letter clearly stating that there was no rule against it, someone didn't like it and ordered the DPS troopers to remove us from the building. None of the involved troopers could produce any law, statute, or rule concerning out actions, or even a written request for us not to do it. All they could say was “It is not allowed.” and that we could open carry “Outside only.” After exiting the building and as we stood at the outside door of the capital debating DPS, citizens walked right past us and entered the building with a CHL. Someone did not want those rifles inside the building....

As time passed we had rallies at the capital and stayed outside and DPS continued to claim no rifles were allowed inside, yet they could not cite any source for this infringement on our right to bear arms. Then we came to a realization that CHL holders were allowed inside with their handguns, so surely a pre-1899 black powder revolver would be ok! According to the Texas penal code, it is not even considered a firearm, and is less regulated than a pocketknife!

Mr. Gary Hays entered the building with his BP. Again he suffered the same fate we did with our rifles. He made it in for a short time and then was asked to vacate. DPS was very nervous about this and treated it like a huge ordeal. They took Mr. Hays down into the basement to question him alone. I intervened because I was his official caregiver. I insisted that either I was going along, or else they were going to have to replace me with a RN or arrest me. I was allowed to stay with my "patient" and observe everything. It was pretty much what you can imagine, no one knew what to do or how to handle it because no laws were broken, but someone obviously didn't like it and hey, the troopers were” just doing their jobs” right? Eventually, Mr. Hays was released and escorted off the property. They released his black powder revolver to me and instructed me not to come back on the property. The oddity of it all was this: I had my loaded and chambered Glock 19 on me the entire time. Now I had a CHL, but they didn't know that because they never bothered to ask and they shuffled me around the metal detectors. Don't ask, don't tell, right? I was legal either way.

Then things got even more interesting ...

After a quadriplegic managed to legally enter the building with a unloaded black powder revolver , this silent somebody pulled some strings in order to get even more illegitimate gun control going at the statehouse.

The readers of this blog know the events that took place after that, namely the arrests of Holcomb, followed by Scott and Gary .....

After this, they would allow no firearms, or pre-1899 black powder guns on the Capitol Grounds.

Dova with a BP and Grisham arrested with a toy gun as others carried rifles not 20 feet from them....

Tom and Dewlash....

Every gun arrest case at the capital was later dismissed as the prosecutor could find nothing with which to charge the alleged “offenders”.....yet DPS still enforces this law that does not exist, and all because someone doesn't like guns in that building...

It was, and still is, a mess, but one thing was growing: gun control at the statehouse by someone with the political clout to have nonexistent laws enforced by arrest (kidnapping?).

Now we are up to date as of January 13th, 2015...

Gun activists have been playing nice and staying off the grounds (Though any CHL holder can carry a handgun right into the building, no questions asked).

In the past two years, Texas gun activists have made HUGE headway towards defeating these antiquated gun laws and making it harder to regulate firearms on the grounds (that are already legal)

Then on January 13th, 2015, something powerful happened. Known gun rights activists entered the building without firearms but instead heavily armed with signatures. Signatures from sorted voting pools and organized to target each legislator.

One senator was approached that is not in support of HB195 (the bill that would remove the wording in the Texas State Constitution that was enacted directly after the civil war that allows the Legislature “by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.”) and voiced his opinion. As expected, some words were exchanged and after approximately 45 seconds of feelings being expressed, the gun activist left the office.

Now here is where I believe it gets even more interesting…

The very next day, first rattle out of the hat, they pass a rule that legislators can install a "panic button" in their offices. The new law also gives representatives more discretion about who can enter their public offices.

CATI TexasSo now we have a unique situation. Apparently in 100+ years of voting age Texans voicing an opinion utilizing their 1A rights, despite the thousands of disagreements before this one that were far more, all of a sudden, they need a panic button? So now, when a legal voting age Texan with a CHL enters HIS statehouse to express his opinion to a legislator that was voted in for his district, and dares to say something the legislator doesn't want to hear, they can call in the DPS to remove or arrest him? To disarm him? To strip him of his CHL which is in itself is a perverse version of his UNALIENABLE RIGHT that was already taken from him, and sold back to him at a premium, via the CHL program? Now those who are supposed to work for us, have even more power to prevent them from hearing our opinions and problems that they are elected to address?

There you have it folks. Somebody in that house doesn't like guns, and they have managed to get unlicensed carry of rifles off the complex, managed to get the carry of non-firearms (according to Texas penal code section 46.01 (3) a&b) off the public grounds completely, without passing a law or an amendment to the Texas Constitution which is what it would lawfully require, and they have now achieved the first step of getting the coveted CHL holders that speak out removed from the complex and stripped of even the state approved perversion of their right... This doesn’t look good to me.

Be mindful what you say.....Somebody in that house doesn't like guns and they just breached the last threshold of bearing arms we had in our own capitol...the CHL...