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Patriots Prepared To be Arrested Tomorrow

Mike Vanderboegh, Founder of the national III% movement has spoken at several events organized by Come And Take It Texas. He was at our very first open carry event "Come And Take It Temple". Please support him in his efforts, along with Oathkeepers tomorrow in Washington state to stand up to the unjust rule the Speaker made. They will be entering the Gallery of the legislature armed. For the first time in Washintons history the Legislature thinks it can bar its citizens from carrying guns inside. Tomorrow they will find out differently, and this isn't just a measly little foot in the door. If you are in the area please join this event. The day may be coming when this is necessary in Texas. Carry on our patriot brothers and sisters!


Washington State Patriots Preparing To Be Arrested, Will Not Back Down!

I got a letter from Mike Vanderboegh, Founder of the national III% movement, alerting me to this event which is upcoming on February 07, 2015, in Olympia, Washington.  Unfortunately, Stewart Rhodes, President of Oath Keepers, is already booked in Pennsylvania for the week of February 07 through February 15, so he cannot attend this rally in Washington State. I am hoping that many in our Oregon, Idaho, and Washington chapters will be able to attend this event on short notice, because it’s got great potential to focus public attention on serious gun rights issues.

Mike Vanderboegh introduced me to one Kit Lange of the Patrick Henry Society, who is an activist of the gun rights movement in Washington State, and Kit sent me an outline of their current project with a number of links to follow. The Washington patriots’ fight for gun rights needs to be publicized nationally, as they’re deeply mired in anti-gun treachery, just as our friends are in New York State and Connecticut (and elsewhere). I truly hope that many of you in the NorthWest part of America will be able to make it to this important rally to support these patriots.

I apologize for the short notice on this, but urge all members who can to attend. Bring your guns. Here is some info which Kit sent. Catch the spirit of freedom as you learn about what will happen in Olympia, Washington, on Saturday, February 07, 2015.

Start HERE to learn about why citizens of Washington are going to knowingly get themselves arrested at the State Capitol.



CATI Shows up at Ferguson Protest

CATI (Come Ant Take It Texas) is the frontline of gun rights here in the great state of Texas. That is made more evident daily as we are the boots on the ground walking the walk. Last Wednesday the 26th Matthew Short, Mark Nash And Guy Potter arrived at the Ferguson protest happening in downtown Dallas. They were open carrying and at first the protesters were unsure, even mad that they were there. The point that was lost on them was the fact that CATI members were not there against the protesters. They weren't there against the police either. As members of this community it is important that anyone is allowed to exercise their 1st amendment right to free speech. We are there in support of that. We also have pride in our community and don't want to see where we live destroyed like Ferguson. Where were the community patrols preventing the residents from themselves there? Here in Texas it is a different story indeed. We not only respect our right to free speech, we respect private business owners that have struggled to get the American dream. As concerned citizens will not stand idly by and watch either be violated. Lets all stand up for our rights as Americans, despite our differences one thing is clear; you don't have to agree with someone to help protect their right to speak that opinion. Open Carry On.





The Blaze


DC Police: Even Female Assault Victims have No Right to Carry Firearms

Emily Miller is the senior editor for the Washington Times Opinion pages. She served as the Deputy Press Secretary at the U.S. State Department for Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. She is the author of 'Emily Gets Her Gun: But Obama Wants to Take Yours' which details her struggle to legally own a handgun Washington D.C.

Emily Miller is the senior editor for the Washington Times Opinion pages. She served as the Deputy Press Secretary at the U.S. State Department for Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. She is the author of 'Emily Gets Her Gun: But Obama Wants to Take Yours' which details her struggle to legally own a handgun Washington D.C.

 Emily Miller, FOX 5 WASHINGTON D.C. -

I am a registered gun owner, but I feel that I'm in more danger on the streets of Washington, D.C. than inside my home. So when D.C. recently passed a new law allowing for some rights to carry a gun outside the home, I decided to apply for a permit. I quickly found that it is still impossible to exercise my Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Until July, Washington, D.C. was the only place in the country did not allow for any right to carry a gun outside the home. A federal district court judge ruled in the Palmer case that the total ban was unconstitutional.

The D.C. attorney general said last week that the city will appeal the ruling. While the issue goes through the courts, the Metropolitan Police Department has started giving out applications, so I went to the firearms registration office to start the process.

Milton Agurs, a civilian police department employee was at the front desk. I told him why I was there.

“You need to meet two criteria,” Agurs explained. “First that your life is in danger, your family or your property, or you have the type of business you carry large sums of money, jewelry. Under those circumstances, you can get a carry permit in DC.”

“To prove my life is in danger?” I asked. “Obviously there is a rising crime rate and a high rate of murders and sexual assaults in D.C. -- is that enough to say I want this for self-defense?”

“You have to prove you need concealed carry as opposed to just wanting one,” he replied.

Prove a need for a constitutional right? That's what D.C.'s new law says.

The application that Agurs gave me said that living and working in a high crime city is not enough to get a carry permit. I read further down where it says that it has to be “a special danger to your life."

What's the difference between a regular danger -- like getting raped and murdered on the street --- and a special danger? You have to prove you are being targeted.

“Do I have to give evidence?” I asked.

“Yes ma'am,” said Agurs.

“I was a victim of a home invasion. And I've gotten a threat against me. Do I just give the police records?” I asked.

“Yes, ma'am,” he said.

I asked Agurs who will decide whether or not my self-defense needs are special?

That's something the chief of police will do,” he said, referring to Chief Cathy Lanier.  “But you'll have your reasons why you feel like you need it.”

“The chief of police personally will decide whether or not I get a carry permit?” I asked.

“You know it usually works-- it's going to be her or someone on her staff,” he said.

Proving a “need” is just one part of the carry permit application.  You have to do 16 hours of classroom training, plus two hours at the range.

“Where do I go to do that?” I asked Agurs.

“Unfortunately, I think they are still setting up the classes,” he replied.

There's the rub.  The city isn't actually abiding by the court decision. No one can apply for a carry permit because the police haven't certified any trainers for the mandatory classes. That might be partly because D.C. charges trainers $400 to be certified.

In contrast, Virginia accepts any class that is certified by the NRA. And there's no minimum time requirement for training.

So I asked Agurs:  "The Second Amendment right to bear arms just doesn't fully apply here?"

"I believe when the Second Amendment was written, that was more or less for when the British were coming."

When the British were coming? The Bill of Rights is no longer relevant?

Well, I spoke with Alan Gura, the lawyer for the plaintiffs in the Palmer case. He said that the city's new carry permit law is unconstitutional and does not adhere to the court ruling. Gura has filed a request for a permanent injunction, which a district court judge will hear on Nov. 20.

So I can't go any further in the application process until the police certify someone to teach the 18 hours of classes. The police gun registration office told me to keep calling to find out when that happens.

Moms Demand Action Claim Midterm Results Show They Have Gun Control Momentum

In yet another exhibit that Moms Demand Action does not live anywhere in the realm of reality I present this new piece of evidence. A video that was released by MDA following the absolute annihilation of anti-gun candidates in the midterm elections yesterday.

Gun rights clearly played a role in the election. Several governor races in traditionally blue states were much closer than expected and the GOP even got some surprise wins in Illinois and Maryland.

Not to mention that voters across the country solidly elected pro-gun candidates to both the US House and Senate.

Here are some of MDA’s comments:

For years, the gun lobby has had the field to themselves. But this election season, supporters like you are changing the game. You’ve shown the size and the power of our movement, led by moms and concerned citizens from all over the country who care deeply about gun violence prevention.

We mobilized nearly one million gun sense voters who pledged to vote for candidates who support common sense gun laws.

By hosting more than 100 house parties across the country, knocking on tens of thousands of doors, and making more than 100,000 phone calls to voters in key areas.

… and none of it worked. Anti-gun candidates were defeated at the state level, in governor’s races, in House races, and soundly in US Senate races.

Read Full Story:

Ex Cop Tries To Disarm CATI member

Here is an account of one of our members from 10/25/2014 in Austin TX.
Video Below
Ryan Jones:
"So I was asked to write out a summary of a very odd encounter I had about 3 blocks from Brave New Books while I was on my way there. So here it is. Its very dry I tried not to add in too much in the way of bias so it is just a summary of events from my point of view with as little opinion overtone as possible. After returning to Brave new books from eating some food from (Resturant next to chick-fil-a) I walked back to my Car parked about 3 blocks away to retrieve my rifle from my trunk (it was secured to my vehicle so it was relatively safe but I wanted to maintain positive control of it as I don't like leaving it unattended in my vehicle regardless of how its secured. I popped my trunk, unlocked it put it on its sling and began the short walk to Brave New Books. About 40 feet from my car I noticed a White male (mid to late fifties thinning hair) dressed semi conservatively (White button up Shirt and a pair of jeans) attempting to get my attention. I thought "Cool here's a chance to have a conversation with someone who might want to know more about the open carry movement and our goals in Texas. He approached me in a friendly manner (smile on his face, but didn't shake me hand as I offered it) I could see that his attention was solely on my rifle (a phenomenon I'm familiar with as It looks like something from an outer space movie) I asked how he was today, He said He was well and as he was asking what I had on my side he began reaching for my rifle. I rested one hand on top of it and said "Could you not attempt to handle my rifle" Very firmly. He didn't comply with my wish and said "I'm a DPS Officer and what you are doing is not legal" I grabbed his wrist (as he had not complied with my request to not touch my weapon) and applied some pressure and said again "remove your hand from my weapon" At this point he I pulled his hand from my rifle and bladed my body to the side so I was between him and my rifle. Not believing he was a DPS officer but not willing to risk walking away and potentially have a swat team show up at my destination (Brave new books) for "assaulting a DPS officer" I requested very firmly to see his badge and his identification. He said he "didn't have it on him" I further believed he was lying about his profession at this point, so I requested that if he thought I was a threat worth detaining he call in additional Uniformed Units To intercede on our confrontation. He called them up immediately and informed the Operator that he was standing on the sidewalk with a guy who was holding a rifle, I requested that he correct his statement and tell them my rifle was slung and not held, which He did. At this point I called Jerome Williams and informed him what was happening, and he alerted the rest of the present members of CATI who left Brave new books to see what was going on. I hung up with Jerome to continue focusing on the man in front of me. I could not hear the 911 Operator on the phone but it sounded from his side of the conversation as if s/he was telling him that what I was doing was perfectly Legal. He said "okay if you're okay with armed men roving your streets that's your call" and hung up. He apologized for "detaining me" I informed him that he did not and couldn't not detain me even if he wanted to because I was doing nothing illegal and he had no reasonable suspicion of a crime. I was there talking to him of my own free will. I then for the second time asked for his Badge number for my own personal record. He said "I'm retired DPS I don't have a badge or badge number" At this point I said "Have a nice day" and walked away down Guadalupe towards Brave New Books. I almost made it to Brave New Books without additional Incident as I was approaching the store I saw an APD Police cruiser pull over with its lights on and knew the "incident" wasn't quite over yet. I walked to the Curb and the APD officer approached me in a very friendly manner(He DID shake my hand). He asked if I had encountered trouble with a man up the street and asked for a voluntary account of the situation that had unfolded and I gave it to him (in more brief terms than this verbose mess I'm writing now). I gave them the cliff notes verion "A man attempted to detain me under the
pretense of being a DPS officer, attempted to handle my rifle then when I removed his hand from my rifle called 911 to report what was essentially a man legally open carrying a rifle down Guadalupe St. The officer said Okay well it sounds like if there's a problem its with him and not you, do you want to press charges? (paraphrasing here as well) I politely declined and the
officers went about their business. Kudos to the Uniforms that showed up and handled the situation appropriately and Kudos to my CATI brothers and sisters who had my back. That's where the story ends. Sorry about the Novel lol"

Find us on Facebook and on the web at:

*ARRESTED* Terry Holcomb Sr (Updated)

UPDATE: He has been released as of 10/15/14terry free

CALL TO ACTION!!!!terry jail

Terry Holcomb Sr. The Open Carry Preacher has been arrested for trying to hold elected officials accountable!

Call this number and ask what he is being charged with and when he will be released!

David Clark
75 W. Cedar Avenue
Coldspring, TX 77331
Phone: 936-653-4367 #2 to reach jail.
Fax: 936-653-5058
Terry Holcomb Sr:
"Fixing to challenge the county judge on his unconstitutional silencing of the people's first amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances.
Tyranny at its finest. It is time to stand up!
Watch "

Terry Holcomb is accused of disrupting the meeting because he was not allowed to make public comments as the regular portion of the meeting was adjourned for an executive session.
“We’re not gonna allow public comments today?” Holcomb said to the four county commissioners and County Judge Fritz Faulkner.
“It’s not on the agenda,” Faulkner replied.
“That’s unacceptable,” Holcomb said.
Faulkner then told Holcomb he could “go outside and discuss it,” but the meeting was moving forward with an executive session.
Saying again that the situation was “unacceptable,” Holcomb accused the court of taking the rights of the people.
When Holcomb made no effort to leave the courtroom, Faulkner said to him, “You’re dangerously close to disrupting a public meeting.”
Holcomb told the judge that he was denying the people their right to have their voice heard.
Faulkner responded by saying, “You can go out there and talk to the people. We’re fixing to have executive session.”
Still seated in his chair, Holcomb said, “You didn’t want to hear from the citizens and you’re gonna hear from them. You are gonna hear from me. You are not going to silence us by your abuse.”
At that point, Faulkner called for Pct. 2 Constable Roy Pippin Jr. to remove Holcomb from the meeting chamber.
“You have been requested to remove from the court,” Pippin told Holcomb.
“I am not leaving. I am not leaving,” he replied.
Directing his comments to commissioners, Holcomb then said, “And y’all commissioners that are allowing this, you are all cowards. All of you.”
Pippin implored Holcomb to leave the room but Holcomb remained in his chair and demanded to know what law he had broken.
“No law is broken. You were given an order to remove from court,” said Pippin, adding moments later, “By not following my order, you are resisting arrest. Do you want to go to jail for resisting arrest?”
Faulkner told Holcomb that commissioners court meetings are not a political stomping ground.
“That’s all you want to do,” he said.
Outside of the courtroom, Holcomb was confronted by Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Sowell who asked to have a “private word” with him.
Holcomb asked if he was being detained and Sowell replied, “You’re about to be,” prompting Holcomb to ask if he had committed a crime.
“I didn’t say you committed a crime,” said Sowell.
Sowell placed Holcomb in handcuffs and escorted him away from the premises.
-Jacob McAdams

Matthew Short:

"I just talked to Corpl Morgan at the jail where Terry Holcomb Sr. is being held. Morgan has been instructed by his superiors not to tell callers, or the press why Terry is being held. I was told that He would be arraigned "some time tomorrow". i was told " direct phone calls, and questions to the district attorney". I have a very large problem with some one being held, and a member of the press not being allowed to know why they are there. i very plainly asked the deputy if he was instructed to answer the way he did or if he di not understand the question. he stated" I was instructed not to say why he is here sir.'' When asked if he would be arraigned tomorrow Mr Morgan informed me he would be in the presence of one of 4 JP some time tomorrow.... Mr Morgan also informed me that the office would be open around 8 am for further information. I believe that we should continue to call until we get some real answers where my buddy Terry is...."

James Franklin:
"Thank God for real men like Terry Holcomb Sr."

Jason Orsek:
"Talked to Terry 's wife Gina .
Terry is fine. As of now no charges filed. Arrested for disturbing a meeting.
Got to see judge in morning to see if any official charges will be filed. Was already informed he can PR bond. (For whatever charges)
Terry says be sure and hound them on the phone But be respectful and he will have a full briefing for everybody tomorrow."

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C.A.T.I. Brings True Meaning Back To Festival

On October 3rd-5th 2014 Gonzales, Texas hosted the COME AND TAKE IT FESTIVAL. A festival
dedicated to Texas history. You see, on October 2nd 1835 the first shot was fired of the
Texas revolution. The Mexican Army demanded that they surrender the 6lb cannon that was
given to them to protect the colony. 18 Texans stood their ground and was out numbered
just about 10 to 1. The Texans waived what we now know as the Gonzales Flag. A white
flag with the cannon the Mexican army wanted with the words 'COME AND TAKE IT" spelled
out on it. The Texans fired the first shot that would lead to Texas gaining its
Independence and freedom. What was special about the Festival this year was that it had
a Float in the Parade like no other. The crowd of about 10,000 cheered as a Very Special
Float made its way down the Parade route. This was the first time the festival had a
float like this. The float was the TRUE meaning of the event. It belonged to a Texas Gun
Rights Group called "COME AND TAKE IT TEXAS" and was decorated with banners and many
Texas revolution Flags, but that is not what made it special. What made it special was
the Texans that were walking and riding on it. They where heavily armed Texans openly
carrying the arms that many "gun grabbers" are itching to take. These Texans made an
emotional display for many as they realized the TRUE meaning of the COME AND TAKE IT
FESTIVAL. They payed respect to the ones that secured our Freedom and showed that we
are still in a battle to secure our freedom. While talking with many locals at the
festival they expressed how it is our DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to take care of our self,
our family, and our community. They said we as citizens are the first responders and the
right of self defense is a natural born right protected by our Constitution. Wee should
never let anyone infringe on that. A big victory for Texas was made this year at the
festival as thousands really understood the meaning of the festival and the importance
of the right of self defense. This was the 2nd year the C.A.T.I. Texas group attended
the festival but a first to have a Float in the parade.
A little background on the Gun Rights Group "COME AND TAKE IT TEXAS".
C.A.T.I. TEXAS is on The Frontline of Gun Rights in the State of Texas and working hard
to restore our rights that have been stripped away. They are well know for Open Carry
demonstrations and was the 1st group in Texas to push for the open carry of a pistol in
Texas, tryinng to just catch up to 45 other States.


Open Carry Gun Activists Spar With New Black Panthers

Wednesday afternoon members of the “Open Carry Texas” group argued with those of the “New Black Panthers” over a demonstration they planned in a neighborhood with predominantly black community.


The controversial Open Carry Texas group has postponed their planned march through Houston’s Fifth Ward. The group planned to march through the historically African American neighborhood on Saturday, but many neighbors and the New Black Panther Movement said they were not welcome.

Members of the gun rights group met with Fifth Ward community leaders Wednesday, hoping to explain why they chose that neighborhood to hold a demonstration.

They were met by a chorus of voices telling them to stay out of the neighborhood and warned they will be “matched gun-for-gun.”

“I’m going to tell you something homie, this is Fifth Ward, you ain’t coming in here running nothing,” community activist Quanell X said while flanked by members of the New Black Panther Party, who were holding assault rifles.

The two groups sat across from one another at a small folding table under a tree near the intersection of Lockwood and Lyons to discuss the details of the upcoming event.

Local 2 Investigates counted 15 Houston police officers on-hand to monitor the meeting.

Members of Open Carry Texas have held hundreds of events where members walk through communities openly carrying rifles and shotguns in support of Second Amendment rights. The group’s president, CJ Grisham, tried to explain why they chose the Fifth Ward for one of these events.

“We’re trying to touch as many people as possible with our message that an armed society is a polite society,” said Grisham.

The presidents of three Fifth Ward Civic Clubs shot back, questioning the group’s motives.

Other community leaders complained that the group should have reached out to them before scheduling an event.

Eventually the meeting devolved into a shouting match and officers had to step in to ease tensions.
As members of Open Carry Texas walked away from the table, they got a final warning.

“Saturday we will come and protect and defend our community because we don’t trust them,” said Quanell X. “Their motives are out of control.”

On Thursday, Open Carry Texas postponed the event and released the following statement:

Open Carry Texas is dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms. We believe that the Second Amendment is color blind and that everyone should be allowed to exercise this fundamental right without fear of retribution, harassment, or threats of violence.

Since the joint meeting in 5th Ward on Wednesday, several members of the community have reached out to us with a heartfelt desire to work together to make a 5th Ward event possible. It became obvious over the past few days that certain individuals in the area were intentionally pitting us against the community. After numerous phone calls and exchanges of emails with community leaders, the OCT board voted unanimously to postpone the event for a future date in order to give OCT and 5th Ward leadership an opportunity to overcome the controversy associated with this event.

“Our goal has always been to hold this demonstration with 5th Ward, not just in 5th Ward,” said OCT President CJ Grisham. “We have an opportunity to correct all the lies, miscommunication, and vitriol associated with this event and express our true intent. I’m more than happy to push this event back to make that happen.”

Learn More: 

Jury Sides With Man Who Fired At Cops After They Forcibly Entered Wrong Home

After battling authorities for more than a year, a Portsmouth, Virginia, man was handed a verdict of not guilty by a jury who determined that he did not, in fact, act recklessly when he fired a warning shot at officers who attempted to make forcible entry into his home, only to later discover that they had gone to the wrong house. - Richmond, VA News

The incident, which happened last January, unfolded while Brandon Watson and his wife were watching late-night TV and heard noises coming from the back yard.

“She said, ‘Oh my gosh, someone is in the backyard,’” Watson told reporters. “The noises got closer and then she heard the clicking of the backdoor handle.”

At that point Watson ran to grab his gun, which was legally owned.

“We ran upstairs very quickly,” Watson recalled. “She saw guys in all black.”

Watson didn’t immediately call 911 because he couldn’t find his cell phone. However, he wasn’t about to let anyone come into his home and possibly harm his family either. So he ran back downstairs, gun in hand.

Watson called out into the darkness, saying, “Who is that? I have a gun.”

He received no response, but instead then saw a red laser aimed at his chest.

At the point, still not knowing who was trying to get into his home, Watson fired a warning shot through the window and ran across the street to seek help from his neighbor, a Virginia State Trooper.

Then things became even more confusing for Watson. As he ran out of his house he was confronted by authorities who told him to drop his weapon. He complied.

“They said, ‘We just got news you shot at an officer.’ I said, ‘An officer? Nobody came to my door. What do you mean an officer? I didn’t know there were any officers in my backyard,’” he said.

According to Watson, the cops never announced who they were or why they were there. And the officers, responding to a call from Watson’s neighbor about a possible break-in, had apparently gone to the wrong house.

“When they went around from the front, they started counting 2, 3, 4. They were counting the number of townhouse units from the end, where Patricia Brooks lived. Then they see a gate that is open, and that raises suspicion that must be the house,” explained Portsmouth Commonwealth’s attorney Earle Mobley.

Nonetheless, Mobley still prosecuted Watson with reckless handling of a firearm.

“You cannot fire indiscriminately through the window,” Mobley said.

The judge found Watson guilty, but the matter was far from resolved. Watson appealed the decision and a mistrial was declared by the second judge. Watson then requested a jury trial.

“This can’t be doing your job. You come in my backyard, try to open my door, open my window and flash red laser beams on my chest because you thought I was the burglar, and I thought you were the burglar,” Watson said.

And apparently the jury, who deliberated for a total of 47 minutes, agreed.

In fact, the jury felt Watson actually showed restraint by only firing a single warning shot.

“The Commonwealth really didn’t have a case. It wasn’t reckless, so it didn’t’ take a lot of discussion,” juror Danny Barnes said.

What the jury did find questionable was the fact that the police went to the wrong house. Jurors also doubted some details provide by the cops.

“The police kept saying they had their weapons pointed at the ground at all times. At the same time, they said they were using their TAC lights on the gun to illuminate whatever they were looking at,” Barnes said. “You can’t be doing both at the same time, that’s contradictory.”

The police department has since changed their policy and removed the lasers from their duty weapons.

Although the jury found Watson not guilty, Barnes admits the man’s troubles are far from over.

“He was put in a no-win situation,” Barnes said of Watson, who has now been unemployed for 10 months.

“I begged them not to charge me. I knew what it meant,” said Watson, who now plans to file a suit against the city. “I got no jobs. No one would hire me after they ran the criminal background check, because I was charged with reckless handling of a firearm.”

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