Demand for Restoration of our Gun Rights H.B. 195
02 Jan 2015

Demand for Restoration of our Gun Rights H.B. 195

02 Jan 2015

On January 13th Come and Take it Texas and others will convene at the Capitol in the Republic of Texas. State Representative Jonathan Stickland has introduced House Bill 195. Texas is one of Five other States, along with CA, NY, IL, and SC, that do not have the Freedom to Open Carry a Handgun. In the last year and a half Texan Gun Rights Groups all around the Lone Star State have walked,assembled, and engaged in Humanitarian efforts all while Open Carrying their Long Guns and Black Powder Pistols. This has succeeded in Educating the Public as well as Law Enforcement, to show that the presence of Firearms in Public is not only Safe but Highly supported. Stickland's H.B.195 is what we Demand and intend to present it in a way as Big as Texas itself. Restoration of our Human,Civil,and Constitutional Rights is not Requested. A "war cry" by brusquely impatient Patriots will be heard on that Day, from 8am till 6pm.when the Legislators clock out and beyond. Governor Elect Gregg Abbott has already Pledged to sign Open Carry into Law. Now all eyes are on the "law makers" to do the right thing, To honor their oath of office and Return our Freedom.

By Andre' Esparza -

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  • Kathy Bryson

    I support second amendment rights. I also support the rights of children to be safe from the hazards of guns. Period. I was appalled by the behavior of this group at the State Capitol as documented by video circulating on the web. Labeling a polite representative a tyrant accomplishes nothing. Refusing to leave his office and intimidating him and his staff is beyond rude. Perhaps the ability to demonstrate manners should be a requirement for gun possession. Our forefathers never envisioned the level of barbaric behavior that some contemporary gun activists are exhibiting. I am a grandmother and I vote. Intimidate me and I file charges.

    • Phoenix

      I know the media likes to report otherwise but the group you were “appalled by” is Open Carry Tarrant County. Come and Take It Texas is a separate Gun Rights group and we are not in that video.