Ex Cop Tries To Disarm CATI member
27 Oct 2014

Ex Cop Tries To Disarm CATI member

27 Oct 2014

Here is an account of one of our members from 10/25/2014 in Austin TX.
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Ryan Jones:
"So I was asked to write out a summary of a very odd encounter I had about 3 blocks from Brave New Books while I was on my way there. So here it is. Its very dry I tried not to add in too much in the way of bias so it is just a summary of events from my point of view with as little opinion overtone as possible. After returning to Brave new books from eating some food from (Resturant next to chick-fil-a) I walked back to my Car parked about 3 blocks away to retrieve my rifle from my trunk (it was secured to my vehicle so it was relatively safe but I wanted to maintain positive control of it as I don't like leaving it unattended in my vehicle regardless of how its secured. I popped my trunk, unlocked it put it on its sling and began the short walk to Brave New Books. About 40 feet from my car I noticed a White male (mid to late fifties thinning hair) dressed semi conservatively (White button up Shirt and a pair of jeans) attempting to get my attention. I thought "Cool here's a chance to have a conversation with someone who might want to know more about the open carry movement and our goals in Texas. He approached me in a friendly manner (smile on his face, but didn't shake me hand as I offered it) I could see that his attention was solely on my rifle (a phenomenon I'm familiar with as It looks like something from an outer space movie) I asked how he was today, He said He was well and as he was asking what I had on my side he began reaching for my rifle. I rested one hand on top of it and said "Could you not attempt to handle my rifle" Very firmly. He didn't comply with my wish and said "I'm a DPS Officer and what you are doing is not legal" I grabbed his wrist (as he had not complied with my request to not touch my weapon) and applied some pressure and said again "remove your hand from my weapon" At this point he I pulled his hand from my rifle and bladed my body to the side so I was between him and my rifle. Not believing he was a DPS officer but not willing to risk walking away and potentially have a swat team show up at my destination (Brave new books) for "assaulting a DPS officer" I requested very firmly to see his badge and his identification. He said he "didn't have it on him" I further believed he was lying about his profession at this point, so I requested that if he thought I was a threat worth detaining he call in additional Uniformed Units To intercede on our confrontation. He called them up immediately and informed the Operator that he was standing on the sidewalk with a guy who was holding a rifle, I requested that he correct his statement and tell them my rifle was slung and not held, which He did. At this point I called Jerome Williams and informed him what was happening, and he alerted the rest of the present members of CATI who left Brave new books to see what was going on. I hung up with Jerome to continue focusing on the man in front of me. I could not hear the 911 Operator on the phone but it sounded from his side of the conversation as if s/he was telling him that what I was doing was perfectly Legal. He said "okay if you're okay with armed men roving your streets that's your call" and hung up. He apologized for "detaining me" I informed him that he did not and couldn't not detain me even if he wanted to because I was doing nothing illegal and he had no reasonable suspicion of a crime. I was there talking to him of my own free will. I then for the second time asked for his Badge number for my own personal record. He said "I'm retired DPS I don't have a badge or badge number" At this point I said "Have a nice day" and walked away down Guadalupe towards Brave New Books. I almost made it to Brave New Books without additional Incident as I was approaching the store I saw an APD Police cruiser pull over with its lights on and knew the "incident" wasn't quite over yet. I walked to the Curb and the APD officer approached me in a very friendly manner(He DID shake my hand). He asked if I had encountered trouble with a man up the street and asked for a voluntary account of the situation that had unfolded and I gave it to him (in more brief terms than this verbose mess I'm writing now). I gave them the cliff notes verion "A man attempted to detain me under the
pretense of being a DPS officer, attempted to handle my rifle then when I removed his hand from my rifle called 911 to report what was essentially a man legally open carrying a rifle down Guadalupe St. The officer said Okay well it sounds like if there's a problem its with him and not you, do you want to press charges? (paraphrasing here as well) I politely declined and the
officers went about their business. Kudos to the Uniforms that showed up and handled the situation appropriately and Kudos to my CATI brothers and sisters who had my back. That's where the story ends. Sorry about the Novel lol"

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