Texans Rise Up Against the BLM – Draw a Line In The Sand!!!
30 Apr 2014

Texans Rise Up Against the BLM – Draw a Line In The Sand!!!

30 Apr 2014

On May 24, 2014 DontComply.com and  Come And Take It Texas will gather with fellow Texans at the Red River to stand up to the petty tyrants in the Bureau of Land Management.

Currently the BLM is revising it's Resource Management Plan for Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas which is clearly intended to further restrict land rights across these states and ensure that the Native American tribes that own mineral rights in these areas 'pay their fair share' to Uncle Sam.

Red riverAlthough Oklahoma BLM has issued a statement claiming that the BLM is not expanding it's holdings at the Red River, informed citizens remain skeptical.

Today a spokesperson for the BLM told DontComply.com that the BLM has no interest in 'surface management' at the Red River Management Area; however the BLM's Oklahoma Field Office Newsletter clearly recognizes the area as a focus and another recent BLM document mentions the Red River only once, under the heading ‘Oklahoma Field Office Mission – Surface Management‘

It seems that ultimately the US Federal Government intends to restrict Texas farmers and ranchers from accessing the Red River at any point along it's course, effectively placing unwarranted sanctions upon Texas agriculture.

While BLM has not yet stationed it's armed goons at the border, next month Texans will gather to send a clear message of what to expect if it tries.

Demonstrators intend to camp at the site over the weekend, an open-carry walk will be held in nearby Wichita Falls and the border between Texas and Oklahoma will be clearly demarcated with historic flags from both the Texas War for Independence as well as the American War for Independence.

All Liberty-loving Americans are invited to join us on MAY 24th as we stand against tyranny!

Keep an eye on this site, or our Come and Take It Texas Facebook pageCome and Take It America Facebook page, as well as DontComply.com and DontComply on Facebook for updates and more details.

RSVP for the event &  keep up with breaking information and updates HERE

Support our defense of Liberty by sponsoring a flag for the May 24th event!!!

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Read the Story of the Century: '300 Million+ Americans Engaging in Civil Disobedience' on DontComply.com

4/29/14 - James Franklin, Regional Director for CATITX

writer for dontcomply.com & Come and Take It Texas

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  • Peter Gonzales

    I live in Wichita Falls, I will be there for sure…

  • Nate Shugars

    Cant wait Ill be there.

  • http://youtube john snead

    way to go Texans Wish I could join you for this historical event…God bless you all……