Texas Senator John Cornyn Joins Obama in the War On Guns
27 Jan 2014

Texas Senator John Cornyn Joins Obama in the War On Guns

27 Jan 2014


It was announced earlier this week that Texas Senator John Cornyn has introduced a bill called the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. 

Supporters say that this is an important bill that, if ratified, would help to preserve our embattled Second Amendment and prevent federal infringement upon the rights of gun owners.

But let’s examine that assumption more closely.

For starters, our founders intended that our right to arms would never be infringed upon. Meaning that American citizens should be able to freely keep and bear all of the military armaments necessary to defend our country from our enemies both foreign and domestic. Yet each time the federal government has overstepped it’s bounds and enacted weapons regulations we have seen our rights infringed upon. These infringements often violate multiple amendments in the Bill of Rights simultaneously.

This week the progressive propaganda machine strategically filled the wires with fluff pieces about a Senator that one would assume to be a political enemy and helped to shore up Cornyn’s ‘conservative’ credentials in the wake of recent attacks on his record. Similarly the NRA has endorsed Senator Cornyn which stands out as a red flag to politically savvy gun owners.

What the bill’s supporters fail to mention is that concealed-carry reciprocity is already well established by the states that are not waging a jihad on all things weapon-related.  It’s this fact that highlights what may be the most glaring flaw in the perspective of the bill’s supporters. This bill is another assault on our Tenth Amendment that would further strip away states’ rights and grant unconstitutional authority to the federal government.

Clearly, the deceptively named “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” is a fraud from the start reminiscent of Obama’s “Affordable Health Care Act”. It’s certainly believable that a politically shrewd Senator Cornyn may have proposed the bill at this time in an attempt to distract Liberty-conscious voters from his political record.

One of the hottest debates in Texas politics right now is whether or not John Cornyn is a ‘liberal’ or a ‘conservative’. However we can make short work of this debate simply by reading Senator John Cornyn’s Top Ten Worst Votes as posted by FreedomWorks] There we find that the Senator works to represent the interests of the federal government to the detriment of all Americans.

Perhaps that’s why the opponents of Senator Cornyn’s bill argue that it's true purpose is to be the first step on the road towards federal gun permits.  Cornyn’s proposed legislation is not just unnecessary but the implementation of it will certainly necessitate additional government spending. Given that our nation nearly went bankrupt only two months ago, even Constitutionally-indifferent Americans have good cause to call foul on Cornyn’s fraud.

[photo source: nationalreview.com]

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  • Faulty_sinner_saved_by_Jesus

    I repeatedly petitioned Cornyn during the last election to tell whether he supported Trump or not. He would never do it, or even respond. Now its clear he’s a never Trumper. We’ve got to primary this guy OUT.

  • Joe Ben

    What the big print giveth, the fine print taketh away! This is just a back door effort by Cornyn to get votes in the Texas. He knows it doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell of passing. Deep down he and his staff must think you and I are stupid enough to fall for this. One, it did pass Obama would never sign it into law. And two, our Texas Attorney General negotiates Concealed Handgun reciprocity for Texas citizens with other states. We don’t need Cornyn who votes lock step with the Democrats trying to get us federal registration, sorry I mean reciprocity, which we all know is only a ploy to locate firearms for future confiscation. Texas deserves better than Cornyn. If Elmer Fudd or Daffy Duck either one, runs as a Republican against Cornyn this year they have my vote.

    • http://twitter.com/victoria_29 victoria_29 (@victoria_29)

      Dwayne Stovall is your man Joe Ben…unlike Cornyn he knows that a Senators job is to represent Texas First. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EIMkxNhClQ

    • Joe

      Why not vote for a Libertarian.
      There is a Young guy named Ryan Lange that is running against him and he is as a Libertarian Candidate.

      I think it is about time we teach the Republicrat Party establishment that it is them that needs us, not we that need them.

      • Joe

        Sorry about that got that wrong, he is running against Mike Conaway.

        This is the guy that is running against, Cornyn
        Jon Roland

  • TJJ

    What a joke. Cornyn is a fraud. Our right to defense shall never be infringed and doesn’t need a piece of paper to legalize that right, BECAUSE IT IS UNALIENABLE.
    I’m voting for Stovall

  • John Butler

    Wouldn’t a national gun permit be a “Federal Firearms License”? Personally I like that option, if it is an option. It would mean I would be able to buy, sell, carry guns all over the country.

    • http://yahoo mike

      You are extremely naïve if you believe that could be true especially when you take into account who is in the White House.

      • JJ

        Cornyn is largely only a pretend conservative, and Defense Industry Pork pusher. This is pretty typical of the current crop of Republicrats, they support a “Red Army” style weapons procurement for a police state, but they don’t give a crap about the personal right of civilians to defend themselves.

        I say vote for Libertarians and dump the John McCain republicrat establishment.

  • https://www.facebook.com/revelation.knight1 Revelation Knight

    Great article, another two faced liar exposed.

  • dan

    Vote this traitor out of office….He is not working ‘for’ you or protecting your God given rights…Out the door with him and ALL that think like him…Clean Texas up and remove the dirtbags from office…imho

    • TJJ

      Don’t forget he voted for TARP as well. Sending tax payer money to bail out failing businesses.