Texas Veterans Illegally Arrested, Guns Confiscated
30 Jan 2014

Texas Veterans Illegally Arrested, Guns Confiscated

30 Jan 2014

On the evening of November 30, 2013 Joey Posey, a veteran of the Army's 101st Airborne was arrested and jailed by police in Andrews, TX. He had taken a walk with his children to get ice cream and french fries and decided to openly carry his AR-15 in addition to his legally concealed handgun. Although the open carry of a longarm is legal in Texas, it was for this reason that he and his children found themselves forced to the ground as soon as the police arrived on the scene. For two months now SPC Posey has been in legal limbo. There have been no charges filed yet, his weapons have not been returned and his concealed-carry license has been suspended. What Joey didn't know when he left his house that night was that he was not the first person whose firearms rights have been suppressed in Andrews.

To show support for Joey Come and Take It Midland/Odessa organized an open carry walk in Andrews in the weeks after Joey's arrest. As the walk was coming to an end, Andrews police approached the group of demonstrators telling them that if they did not disperse they would be in violation of a municipal code that pertains to motor vehicle operation.


Following that incident, three members of Come and Take It Texas met with Andrews, TX Police Chief Bud Jones to ensure that the rights of Texans would no longer be suppressed by his department and to get permits signed for their upcoming demonstrations in Andrews. In that meeting the Chief assured them that and understanding had been reached. He gave his word that he would do everything in his power to protect the legal rights of gun owners in the future.

At one time, when a Texan made a promise and shook your hand, you could rest assured that he would keep his word. Unfortunately, Chief Bud Jones failed to keep his word, and he failed to honor the oath that he swore to the Constitution.

On January 22nd, 2014 former Army Sergeant Michael Keoughan, one of the CATI members that met with Chief Jones, went to Andrews to survey the approved route for their next open carry walk. Given the multiple reports that Andrews PD had used intimidation to 'convince' people not to open carry in Andrews, Michael also wanted to film himself open carrying that day and prove to the members of the the new CATI chapter in Andrews that they no longer needed to fear their police department. Sadly, Michael was illegally arrested that day, and his weapons were unlawfully confiscated. CATI recorded their meeting with the Chief, and have posted some of that interview on their YouTube channel but the local media refuses to address this part of the story. It seems the 'good ol' boy' system is still alive and well in West Texas.

As if this story wasn't bad enough;

When a local news station posted a story on their Facebook page about Keoughan's arrest and the upcoming CATI demonstration to be held in Andrews, a resident of that town made threats against the group in the comments section of the post.

threat 1 threat 2

Two of CATI's members were so concerned by the threats that they contacted Andrews PD to file a report in case the man did make good on his threats. One of the members, an over-the-road trucker, was told that a report would not be taken. The officer went on to inform the caller that the town was full of "rednecks" that would likely shoot members of CATI and that the victims could expect that the person would never be found or brought to justice. After that the officer hung up and did not answer again.

A Sheriff's Deputy was recorded as he made a similar comment to CATI members while they were waiting for Keoughan to be released from Andrews County Jail. 

Another CATI member was told that a report could not be made over the phone but, if she would make the seventy mile drive to Andrews, that a report could be made in person. She immediately drove to Andrews only to find that the entire police department was too busy "in a meeting" to speak with her. A Texas Ranger stationed in Andrews made it clear that no one was going to take a report, calling the posts a "perceived threat".

Local media has ignored these two cases of dereliction of duty, just as they have refused to report the facts showing that both of these veterans have been victims of Official Oppression
Michael Keoughan and Joey Posey - CATITX
Michael Keoughan and Joey Posey - CATITX

Come and Take It Texas will be holding another demonstration in Andrews, Texas on February 15th, 2014 as they continue to seek justice for these soldiers. However the struggle is far from over. If you would like to contribute to their legal defense, click on the following links for Joey Posey and Michael Keoughan.  Please help this story go viral! Spread this link and these [one] [two] [three] to everyone you know including other news outlets. You can also contact Police Chief Bud Jones and help us respectfully educate him on the meaning of the oath that he swore to uphold.

James Franklin - CATI TX



In the last week of May 2014 the City of Andrews Police Department officially ceased it's attempt to charge Joey Posey with a crime having found no wrongdoing and Joey's lawfully owned weapons were finally returned to him. However Michael Keoughan is still facing charges and will appear in court on Sept. 03, 2014 with his lawyer at the expense of $10,000. Please contact Police Chief Bud Jones concerning this financial oppression and help us achieve a victory for human rights in west Texas.

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  • Stg58/Animal Mother

    They are concerned with nuclear issues because Urenco is just down the road in Eunice, NM.

  • Jim

    If the Andrews, Texas PD is violating the law, as it sounds like, and you are not getting a fair shake, have you tried to contact the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott for help? That should be your next move.

  • http://www.landrights.com PatriotOne
    • http://www.blackhatworld.com/ Nigel Farage

      The post is 4 months old???

  • Dave

    Wasn’t it Athens GA where there was a shoot-out between corrupt cops and the townsfolk? It’s been a long time but this looks like the same story in the making.

  • https://www.facebook.com/james.rozkydal James Rozkydal

    Sue them. If the law suit doesn’t work, shoot them. We swore an oath top support and defend the Constitution, as did they. They have chosen to now disregard their oath. Fire them. If they refuse to leave, shoot them.

    • http://www.blackhatworld.com/ Nigel Farage

      I took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC. I think that should be a bumper sticker, right there. Two words:


      And lend the self-evident truth be known to those that care to find it.

  • http://www.blackhatworld.com/ Nigel Farage

    I read some more of the Mayor’s bio. He’s from Chicago. Got his degree in Illinois, etc… Yadda, yadda, yadda, he’s a carpet-bagger. A Yankee carpet-bagger come down to Texas to try to implement his pro-government, Socialist agenda on us ignorant hayseeds.

    They know more than us, you know. That’s why they want to create a government agency for everything, to include wiping your ass. They don’t think you southern redneck retards can wipe your own asses without government “assistance”. So they’ll create the Federal Department of Ass-Wiping Assistance, staff the organization with hand-picked something-or-other disadvantaged minorities, take a fat 90% of the Department’s budget to fund their bloated salaries, vacation, health insurance, dental, housing assistance and any other special privilege and status they can think of (such as special license plates, special parking spots, special discounts at special stores that exist just for them) while you ignorant and disarmed slaves will be arrested immediately if you are caught by the special Ass-Wiping Assistance Police wiping your own ass without a permit and in a manner not proscribed by the Federal Government.

    Anyways, that’s who this Mayor is. One of THEM. Never heard of a spiritual or moral problem that couldn’t be solved by a government program and more taxes. Eventually, they will HAVE to disarm the American People because they can’t possibly continue to support the Entitlement Class without raising taxes beyond a point at which Americans will start killing (politicians) over. Which is why Australians were disarmed, and pay 70%+ in taxes. And their politicians go to sleep at night with every expectation of waking up alive the next morning.

  • http://www.blackhatworld.com/ Nigel Farage


    The above may go a long way towards explaining the WHY of the whole situation. Reading between the lines of the Mayor’s biography, one learns that he has spent his entire career as a Presbyterian minister.

    They have been open-minded enough to hold off a decision on nuclear issues until thoroughly studying them and then boldly going forward. Perhaps basic to this whole process is that Andrews is open-minded, progressive, and well-grounded in Christian values”.

    Q: Why is a pissant town in Texas concerning it’self with “nuclear issues”? A: They are more interested in pursuing grandiose and “global” objectives such as “world peace” and other socialist utopian notions, and less concerned with understanding, respecting, obeying and enforcing both the spirit and the letter of Texas law with respect to firearms. In short, they are too busy trying to change the world by handing as much power over to the State to notice that, once they’ve disarmed the People, the State will have no reason to pay any attention to, or fear, the People, at all, forever, amen, and nothing follows.

    Note all the other loaded words in this biography, particularly “boldly”, “open-minded” and “progressive”. These are liberal Christians, that are unswervingly pro-state, pro-government, anti-violence and therefore (in their minds) anti-gun.

    For myself, the way I prepare for the upcoming revolution is to pay attention to who did what and when, so that when the SHTF those that thought they could enslave us all to an all-powerful, omniscient, socialist, surveillance State without any repercussions to themselves will understand that will we remember who THEY were long after their grandchildren are dead. Today, there are Patriots and there are Scoundrels that pose as Patriots, as long as it is safe to do so, and there is some financial benefit to be had from it. The Socialists zeal for a State-mandated Utopia will fade once they realize they gamble with their very lives in order to realize their retarded visions of a bankrupt, disarmed and enslaved America, while doddering and incontinent Baby Boomers die in air-conditioned comfort in State-funded nursing homes, paid for by the future labors of a generation of Americans that have not yet even been born.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pat.g.kraemer Patrick Kraemer
      • http://www.blackhatworld.com/ Nigel Farage

        “During Zap’s almost 17 year reign as Mayor, Hackler said he could talk to someone with just as importance as a seven year old child to a nuclear physicists.”

        Mayors have tenures; kings have “reigns”. They enjoy a closer proximity to God than do ordinary people, and are given god-like powers over the sub-literate retards they rule over, who cannot be trusted to think and do for themselves, and cannot be trusted with firearms, which not coincidentally are a direct threat to those that have king-like ambitions, and are willing to sacrifice the freedoms of their subjects in exchange for their illusions of safety.

        I think the subliterate denizens of Bumphuckville, Texas ought to focus on finding and/or creating writers that can compose a sentence in English with more “importance as a seven year old”, and not presume to attempt disarm their intellectual superiors.

  • https://www.facebook.com/earnest.roberts.1 Earnest Roberts

    A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.. Men like these officers like our representatives in OUR white house have lost their way.. they do not uphold the oath, they do not respect the rights or the citizens of a free nation.. sell outs.. every one of them.